... fueling Harlem's cultural engine

HAA Membership

Consistently reach the most dynamic and responsive community in Harlem, the creative community. You will be able to include the distinctive HAA logo on all of your promotional material and take advantage of our outstanding Member Benefits.

Artist Advocacy, Keynote Speakers, Exhibits, Vendor Tables

Harlem Arts Advocacy Month markets and promotes in an enormous campaign, the productions of our members during the month of October. Advocacy training is conducted through on-going workshops and seminars.

Audience Development, Cross-Marketing, Production & Performance Opportunities

HAA showcases member art and performances at events throughout the year, and provides marketing and advertising support as needed on a local and regional basis.

Creative Development Workshops

Advanced, intermediate, and beginner artist workshops, as well as one-on-one sessions, conferences and seminars, cover topics that empower our members to hone their craft, collaborate with other members, create artistic products and manage the business of artistic  endeavours.
HAA & UOhnIt.com Collaboration

UOhnIt.com, digital streaming platform & entertainment Portal Increases Capacity of HAA members

Global Market Exposure, Audio, Video and Live Streaming Services, Merchandising and Support Tailored for Artists, Producers, Filmmakers, Performing Arts, and Broadcasters
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